VIP service included with every TeraStation™

3 years warranty, advanced TeraStation replacement and 24-hour HDD exchange

Buffalo offers TeraStation customers a 3 year warranty (all other products have a 2 year warranty) with the option of a one or two year warranty extension. This extension can be purchased during the entire three years of the TeraStation VIP warranty.

Hard drive failure is an occurrence that should be pre-empted by creating a solid infrastructure, RAID environment, hot swap devices among many other failsafe measures. Buffalo has introduced the VIP Warranty for TeraStation customers to help relieve some of the frustration and inconvenience from HDD failure. 

In the rare case of a defect with the TeraStation itself – not the hard drives – Buffalo additionally offers the advanced replacement of TeraStation devices to help companies return to a smoothly running IT system quickly.


How does the advanced TeraStation replacement and the 24-hour HDD exchange work? 


Step by Step Guide 

  • Contact the Buffalo Help Desk upon a failure of the TeraStation or the discovery of a faulty hard drive. The Help Desk contact numbers are published on the Buffalo website, please visit this page for details:

  • If the Help Desk confirms that either the TeraStation device itself or one of its hard drives needs to be replaced, they will send the request to the Buffalo RMA team.

  • Upon receipt of the request, the RMA team will immediately process the claim and the replacement product will be sent directly to you via UPS. In order to receive the replacement hard drive within 24 hours you need to place your order before 12pm, CET.

  • You will then be sent details on how to return the faulty TeraStation unit / hard drive along with a prepaid shipping label for sending it back to Buffalo.

  • In case of a faulty TeraStation, the unit needs to be shipped back including the original hard drives within the next 30 days after receiving the replacement. Please ensure your RMA number 600 xxxxx is clearly labelled on the outside of the box. Please ensure the unit is properly packed and can't be damaged during transportation.

  • In case of a faulty hard drive, please return just the hard disk drive within the next 30 days after receiving the new replacement and ensure your RMA number 600xxxxx is clearly labelled on the outside of the box.

  • Upon receipt of your faulty unit / HDD, the TeraStation / hard drive exchange claim will be closed.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a free service to support our trusted TeraStation partners with their business in a non-bureaucratic and quick way. Should the faulty TeraStation unit or the HDD not be received by our warehouse within 30 days after we have shipped the replacement product you will incur the cost of the new HDD or TeraStation and will be charged accordingly.

In the event that a TeraStation HDD fails and you require a replacement HDD, simply place your order before 12pm CET,
then the shipment will be despatched the same day with a 24-hour delivery (subject to stock availability) within the EU*.
This Warranty is valid for the time of the general Warranty, so three years with every TeraStation™.

* For other destinations outside of Europe additional shipping time may occur